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Brianas Interview

Its from the fight ducker but its a good interview, she talks about a lot of stuff, including which she left porn as mirage came to an end and big boobs briana began, breaking it off with drugs and bobby and vomitting on jenna. Max stuff is the most eye opening, i remember when fayner had the interview with her and there so many interesting questions to ask her and he just fucked it up asking the most pointless stupid questions. Her reasons for getting into porn are pretty weak, anyway here is the interview.

HCG: I remember day one with you.

BB: You were there. 

HCG: You came in as Mirage, for those who don’t know.

BB: I came in as Mirage in 1999. I was 19. I did my first movie. 

HCG: I hired you for that movie.

BB: Yes. You hired me for that movie and I remember I was so nervous that I was shaking. I mean I literally had never had sex with the lights on before and all these people were staring at me and I was shaking. 

HCG: It was for DANE and we were shooting some impossible day like seven scenes and two crews and everyone was tired but when you walked onto set everyone stopped working and walked over to watch your scene. That was worse for you, since you felt that way, and since you now know that usually that doesn’t really happen on set. 

BB: Yeah. I remember I was thinking at least it is in a room and then I remember everyone was looking through the window. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the scene and I had no idea what I was doing. They were all, like, okay do a 69 and I had no idea what they were talking about. I didn’t know what any of the positions were or what they meant so they had to keep stopping to explain everything to me. Cowgirl? What’s a cowgirl? I was completely naïve. I didn’t even know what a BJ was, that it meant blow job.

HCG: You were relatively naïve then?

BB: I was completely naïve. 

HCG: When did you lose your virginity?

BB: I was 17 and I had only been with three guys before I got into the business.

HCG: And then at 19 your stumbled into porn? Why?

BB: Actually I had custody of my little sister and I needed the money to get into a new apartment and, believe it or not, I had just lost my job, got into a car accident, and got evicted, all in the same week. I saw an ad in the paper that said I could make a thousand dollars in a day, so I called and there I was. I walked on set and I saw these naked people doing it, I almost turned around and walked right back to the car. I was scared and finally I got the guts to walk back up.

HCG: So where are you from?

BB: I was born in Munich Germany. 

HCG: And you have a parent that still lives out there and one here in the States?

BB: Yeah. My dad still lives out there and my mother lives in California. 

HCG: Are you a dual citizen?

BB: No. I chose U.S. citizenship when I turned 18.

HCG: Were you really secretly sexual when you were growing up or was there just the shy girl?

BB: I was voted Most Shy girl in high school actually. I had one close friend that I hung out with. I never talked to guys and guys never talked to me. I wore big baggy jeans and huge t-shirts. I was a total tomboy and I wore baseball hats. You would think I was a dude if I didn’t have long hair. 

HCG: So you were a late bloomer?

BB: Completely. 

HCG: So then you did this movie and you were thinking that you were only going to do one movie so you could get the money you needed and put everything back in order in your life at that time?

BB: Exactly. I did the one movie and I lied to everyone that I knew and said that I did a swimsuit catalogue or something or a gym catalogue. I got the thousand dollars to get the studio apartment but then I found myself thinking, well now I need a little more money to furnish this apartment. 

HCG: Right. We have all been there. 

BB: So I made around two or three movies and then everybody I know from junior high school on saw the first movie I did, which was University Coeds. They all saw it at the Hustler store and then everybody started calling me and telling me about it. And I thought to myself, screw it. If everybody knows anyway than I might as well change my name and just go for it. 

HCG: And your first scene was with a kinder, gentler Brandon Iron?

BB: Yeah. I’ve worked with Brandon Iron three times and I was Mirage all three times, including the first ever time on film. I remember seeing the size of his penis and thinking, it’s never going to fit. I had never seen anything that big in my life. 

HCG: Right.

BB: But he was very nice. He said “if I hurt you at all just grab my thighs” so I grabbed him about eight or nine times during the scene and he slowed down, but I made it through the scene. I was bowlegged afterwards, but I made it. 

HCG: I remember people just lining up near the bedroom window and drinking beer and watching your scene. It was pretty hick. 

BB: I didn’t make any noise during the scene at all.

HCG: No. You really didn’t.

BB: I remember them saying make noise and I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to make noise because I had never made noise. 

HCG: How many movies did you do before you signed with Vivid?

BB: About four hundred. [laughter]- Between four or five hundred movies before I signed with Vivid. Sometimes I worked twice a day. So I worked a lot and I was offered a contract several times from different companies and I chose not to take them. 

HCG: What changed for you that made a contract sound more appealing?

BB: I started getting sore and I was tired and I didn’t want to go to work anymore. I didn’t want to have to work all the time.

HCG: How many years was that?

BB: I think it was only two since I was only Mirage for two years. I had a bad experience and I stopped doing porn for about a month or two and got my boobs done.

HCG: Somebody pushed it too far with you?

BB: Yeah. Somebody pushed me too far. I won’t mention the name.

HCG: You don’t have to. I am sure that most of your fans probably know the story anyway.

BB: Yeah. Somebody pushed me too far and I got completely confused and I started to hate porn.

HCG: So you had never stripped before this point in your life?

BB: Never. I had never even had sex with the lights on before this business.

HCG: So then along comes Vivid?

BB: They approached me three times and I said no three times. VCA approached me as well. 

HCG: I know you had a lot of offers at that time. 

BB: I finally decided that if I don’t go under contract then I am going to just quit because I am not enjoying myself anymore. 

HCG: Not when you have to do 500 scenes to keep it all going.

BB: Exactly plus you never know what you are going to get when you get rough on set. 

HCG: It’s funny that you say that because the business has gotten so much rougher since you came in and so much more extreme that it seems completely divided between the contract girls doing features and the super hardcore.

BB: Exactly. I’ve done some crazy movies but you go through AVN now and the stuff I thought was crazy back then pretty much doesn’t even measure up to the stuff that is crazy now. 

HCG: I shot you in an anal movie in the Sin City warehouse…
BB: I think that was with Joel Lawrence…

HCG: …and you were a bad secretary and had to fuck to save your job because you were so bad at it…

BB: Yeah…

HCG: …and I remember thinking that it was such a hard scene and that we were really pushing it. 

BB: Right.

HCG: Compared to what the average gonzo imprint makes now, it was nothing.

BB: I’ve done five on ones, and all that, but I have two different fan bases. I have the fans who like all the Mirage stuff, all that crazy stuff, then I have the fan base that likes all the pretty Vivid stuff. I’m not ashamed of anything you’ve done.

HCG: How long did Vivid sign you for?
BB: Originally it was a year, and then I re-signed for three more years. I am going on my fourth year now.

HCG: Has it been that long?
BB: Yeah. I have been in the business almost five and a half years now. 

HCG: What are some of your favorite moments in porn thus far?
BB: Well of course BRIANA LOVES JENNA. The first time I actually worked with Jenna was in her interactive. I threw up on Jenna because I was so nervous. 

HCG: You are so gross.

BB: She was the only person that I had ever heard of. She was the girl that every guy had up on their wall. So I was on a New Sensations shoot and Rene was pulled me aside and was like, Jenna Jameson wants to work with you. I was so nervous that I told her I was booked that day. Not because I didn’t want to work with her but I was so nervous that I was completely petrified. I had only been with two girls in the business. Most of my scenes as Mirage were boy girl scenes. 

HCG: Right.

BB: So I was petrified and I go to meet her and I threw up on her. Then I was even more upset. I just wanted to crawl under a table and die. Jenna was like, oh you are so cute. I did the interactive thing with her and I had no idea what I was doing. I think I was hurting her.

HCG: But you threw up on her? Where? During the scene? Was it on her body or on her leg or something?

BB: No. It was just in front of her. It was on the floor. 

HCG: You made it sound like you just vomited on her. 

BB: Well it was at her feet, right in front of her. I was so embarrassed that I ran into the bathroom and just kept hoping that I would die or something. 

HCG: In some cultures that might be considered a form of worship or something. 

BB: Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

HCG: Some island cultures.

BB: I just remember thinking to myself, “ I should have just said I was booked, I want to die…”

HCG: So then you did the scene?
BB: Actually we did the scene for the interactive and then afterwards we did this little mini scene together. 

JENNA JAMESON: Actually the throwing up thing made me like her even more. 

BB: Yeah. So afterwards we did this little scene were I actually got to kiss Jenna and I was freaking out. Once we got into the scene she ended up fisting me and they had to edit it out. If you watch the scene you can see that we are totally getting into it and then it just goes black and it says, we cannot show what is going on right now. 

HCG: So need less to say, you guys got along really well?
BB: We got along really well.

HCG: Like kindred spirits?
BB: She was like, I didn’t know that you had that in you, because I was so shy and I had originally thrown up on her.

HCG: I don’t think you knew that you had it in you.

BB: No. My first girl was Lita Chase and T.T. Boy, so it was a boy girl girl scene. T.T. Boy just smacked the crap out of my ass, so I just remember having welts on my butt. I was so nervous of Lita because I thought she was very beautiful and had such huge tits. She was very nice though. She walked me through my scene because I really did have no idea how to do a girl. I was like, what do I do with my tongue?

HCG: That could be the defining characteristic of your career is that you didn’t know you had it in you.

BB: Before I got into this business I’d never even been told I was pretty. When people here started to tell me that I was pretty I didn’t believe them. I just thought that they wanted me to do a better scene. I never considered myself pretty.

HCG: What do you think now?
BB: I still consider myself average. You know I don’t look in the mirror and think, oh God, I am so pretty. I’m still a little tomboy. I still think I am little Bri. 

HCG: Little Bri?
BB: Little Bri. You know you see these girls that come in that are just normal girls and then you meet them again like two years later and they act like their shit doesn’t stink. 

HCG: Sometimes they are like that only four months into the business, after everyone has filled their head with all this nonsense and had their turn to fuck them. Then they get mad when the attention shifts to the new girl that no one has fucked yet instead of them.

BB: Yeah. I have seen so many girls that are so nice to me and then a few months later they are just completely different people. I’ve always thought, God, I’m never going to be like that and I have never allowed myself to be. 

HCG: Did Vivid change your name?
BB: No. I did that. Actually Lita, the girl I did my first lesbian scene with, she gave it to me. I went with her and got my tits done by her doctor because I wanted mine to look like hers so bad…

HCG: Who was the doctor?
BB: I don’t even remember his name. This was like my first set of breasts. After the bad incident that I told you about I took some time off and I got my breasts done. I wasn’t dancing yet. I never danced as Mirage. She talked me into coming back. She told me I needed to start sticking up for myself. She suggested the name Briana Banks, which I thought was perfect since I always wanted to be a supermodel. Briana was my real name and Banks was like Tyra Banks, so I liked it. Well after I got my new tits I was too scared to change my name because I thought I would lose all my fans if I did and then Lita threatened to give my name away to another girl so I took it.

HCG: And then after that you ended up signing as Vivid?
BB: I did six months of movies as Briana Banks and then I signed with Vivid.

HCG: Which do you like better, gonzos or features?
BB: The thing I like about the gonzos is that you are in and you are out but with the features you can get more money and have more control over who you work with.

HCG: Who do you like to work with?
BB: My favorites are Evan Stone and Joel Lawrence. I’ll bet the same girls same the same guys every time. 

HCG: Which directors do you like?
BB: Chi Chi La Rue is one of my favorites. You know Skeeter just produced his first film for Vivid and it was with me and Tera Patrick and was called Collision Course. I had so much fun. It was like doing a gonzo and a feature at the same time. 

HCG: Did you like how he directs?
BB: I thought it was awesome. 

HCG: Did he bring out all the latex?
BB: He provided all the wardrobe. 

HCG: He is a visionary.

BB: His favorite saying is if it wasn’t for porno I would be in prison. Or he was like, I’m the best suitcase pimp that ever was. He is just really hilarious guy. I liked his way of directing a lot.

HCG: What is your website?
BB: It only has one N, like Brian with an A. And it is run, of course, by Club Jenna. 

HCG: What is so great about your website?
BB: My website is amazing. I mean Club Jenna has done such a good job. I have masturbation videos, you can buy my movies at the store, I have glamour, hardcore, fetish, girl on girl, guy on guy, friend’s gallery, and my diary. I mean you can just keep going through it all and not see everything plus I have constant updates too. I do a daily diary, and an on the road pictures, and glamour shoots every two weeks.

HCG: When did the dancing start? How did that start?
BB: I didn’t want to. I was so nervous but finally the money got to be so good and I was so in demand that I couldn’t turn it down. I had never even danced. I was getting offers long before Vivid. I had already been a Penthouse Pet before I signed with Vivid. Then the night before I went out on the road my kidneys went out and I couldn’t move. I had heat pads on my back and they left burn marks. I thought that God was telling me not to go.

HCG: Why did your kidneys go out?
BB: I was literally so nervous I was scared.

HCG: They went out? It was nothing else?
BB: No there was nothing else. I pissed myself. Then on my first show, I’m at the cabaret and there are like four hundred guys out there waiting for me and I was backstage crying. I’m hyperventilating and I am crying and I was saying, “ I can’t do this, I can’t do this.” 

HCG: So what happened?
BB: Well they started my intro and I got pulled out of my dressing room by my boyfriend and he shoves me out on stage. He said it was like riding a bike. He always used race terms. He said if I didn’t do it now I never would. I used to say, what is it I am fucking racing?

HCG: Wow.

BB: But I got on the stage and I was such an ass. I just walked around and I kicked my foot and a heel nailed some guy in the head. 

HCG: You did great though?
BB: No. I was awful. I mean after the show it was dead silent. They were thinking about whether they wanted to cheer or boo me. They actually cheered me on. I went back not that long and the place had gone from three or four hundred guys to eight hundred guys. It was amazing. They were selling tickets to get in.

HCG: So I take it that means your dancing has gotten better?
BB: Yes. Now I’m at the point where I realize that they are just there to see me. The last thirteen clubs I’ve gone to I’ve broken all the clubs records, so I am a lot more confident than I used to be.

HCG: Do you do anything crazy in your show?
BB: Oh. I am completely nuts. 

HCG: What do you dance to?
BB: Lords of Acid, Prodigy, Crystal Method, Korn, Disturbed, the angrier the music, the better. That’s how I go onstage. I have to go out there and be angry or else I will be scared. 

HCG: Speaking of angry music, you are single again?
BB: Yes I am.

HCG: And you are considering staying single for a while?
BB: I am, although I know that when you are not looking for anyone that’s when someone always seems to come along. 

HCG: And we aren’t going to talk about how that ended, that horrible relationship that a lot of people know about.

BB: I’ve been single now for almost six months. 

HCG: And your crazy, wild antics are behind you for a while.

BB: Yeah, just for the record, and you can print this, I am clean off of the drugs. I mean everyone knows what I did. I’m not going to sit here and say it was all a lie. –[laughter]

HCG: It would be kind of hard for you to deny some of the things that people know about.

BB: Yeah well I’m not doing that drug anymore. I am reliable again. People are starting to trust me. I’ll dance at a club and they will rebook me before I leave. 

HCG: Because they can see that you are clean now?
BB: Right well I have put on like thirty pounds from what I weighed a year ago. I’m back. I’m ready to start over.

HCG: What is going to define this part of your life?
BB: Right now I am jut focusing on keeping straight and being a better person than I was in the past and just focusing on my career and not taking for granted how far I have come and how lucky I am. 

HCG: What do you have to say to your fans and we will wrap this up?
BB: I love my fans. Thank you all of you. If it wasn’t for you there would be no me.

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