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Briana Banks

Briana Banks

It’s easy to fall in love with Briana. Her outsides are drop dead gorgeous, with the longest legs you ever saw. And her insides are equally as wonderful; from her warm heart, her “taking care of people” personality, to her open honest candor. She doesn’t hold back, on the truth when you are talking to her, or on the sizzle in her sex scenes. Millions are already fans of Briana. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just read this interview and look at the pictures and you too, will fall in love with the beautiful Briana Banks. You can’t help yourself!
Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy VIVID FILMS
Xcitement: Hi my long lost friend! What’s new?
Briana: Everything! (Laughs) I moved back to California.
X: I missed you so much. I tried to keep in touch but you just disappeared. I am really glad that you are back.
B: I missed everyone. I missed Vivid. I am so glad to be back with them. They are a great company. I have been with them for so long, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.
X: They have spoiled you.
B: Marci (Hirsch) is the best boss anyone could ask for.
X: She is a very sweet person. She is a Mom type. I think she should’ve had twenty-five kids, but instead she has Vivid girls.
B: She’s got worse then twenty-five kids. (Laughs)
X: So where have you been for two years?
B: Pittsburgh. I am very happy to be back in LA. I think I needed to leave and clear my head and get everything back together. I actually missed porn. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I came back.
X: I wondered if you wanted to come back, or if you needed to come back….
B: I wanted to. I put on a little bit of weight while I was living in Pittsburgh because they eat hoagies and piergies and drink a lot of beer.
X: Oh I love piergies.
B: They are so good. They are deadly though. So I had to drop about twenty pounds, so I went to the gym every day for two hours for the last two months to prepare for my movie. Everyone has been saying that I look better then I ever did. I feel healthy. I’m in a good place right now.
X: I am so glad to hear that.
B: I am at 130 right now, which is good for me. If I go below 130 I lose my tushy. That is the first thing that goes.
X: You are tall, so that is thin.
B: I am 5’10. I was going to go to 120 for the movie and I decided that guys and girls like a little meat on the bones so I decided that 130 was good enough for me and I feel good.
X: Oh definitely and you are working out so much you have muscle and muscle weighs more.
B: I look very toned, not too muscular. I am very happy with my appearance right now.
X: Well come over and get naked and let me see for myself!
B: For sure! We will go skinny-dipping.
X: I will go only if it is pitch black night out.
B: You are so funny.
X: My pool is very private though, so you can get an all over tan, without any gawkers.
B: I’d love to hang out with you, because we have been talking about doing that for years. I’d love to lay by the pool.
X: I’d love to hang out with you also, I’ll make you lunch and frozen drinks. So you lived in Pittsburgh for two years. What did you do there?
B: Well I thought I was in love and things just didn’t work out. I don’t like depending on anyone to take care of me. I have to work. You’ve known me for a long time. I am the person who takes care of others. So I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. I was getting stir crazy. So that caused a lot of arguing and finally I just said, once you start calling each other names it’s time to move on because you don’t have respect for each other anymore. He is a great guy, and I don’t want to say anything bad about him. It just didn’t work out between us.
X: So you were together for almost two years?

B: Yes. It was hard when we broke up. So now I am single. Now I have a cat named Sassy. My sister talked me into getting her. My sister is manager of a pet store so she wants to rescue every animal. So I have a cute little three-year old calico now.
X: I love animals. They give you so much love. It’s got to be so hard for your sister NOT to rescue every animal.
B: I told her, we have a hamster, a gecko, a twelve year old pug who falls over when it pees it’s so old, and now a cat. I think that’s enough. And she dog sits other people’s animals when they go out of town. We have a full house.
X: You don’t have a snake?
B: She used to have one. But I told her I don’t want another snake in the house, they creep me out.
X: So you and your sister are still living together?
B: We have a place together.
X: So tell me about your comeback.
B: I just did my first movie and I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was throwing up all morning. But I had a very good person to work with for my first scene and the movie is going to be really amazing. I am very excited about it.
X: That’s GREAT! Congratulations! Who did you work with? What is the name of the movie?
B: My first scene back was with Sasha, and we did a scene with pretty black lingerie, natural makeup, natural lighting. The movie is called Briana Extreme. I am in every single scene. The cool concept is that the fans sent in letters of what their fantasies were, what they would like to see me do. So we picked five of the letters, and I read the letter, and then we act out the scene.
X: That is brilliant!
B: We have a POV scene, a boy/boy/girl/. It is really going to be something different and really cool. It is all vignettes. We got some really interesting stuff in there. I did a three on one. Me and Christian and a little tiny girl dressed up as a blow up doll. The fantasy was that the guy was in prison and single, so for his conjugal visits he does a blow up doll. Then we have a truck driver who wanted to see all POV. Every scene is what the fans wanted to see so that is the best part.
X: It sounds cool. I can’t wait to see it. What are you doing for the holidays?
B: I am going to the Playboy mansion for the Christmas party with Marci and Monique (Alexander).
X: That will be a blast. I know Hef has had snow brought in, in the past. Are you going to be feature dancing?
B: No. I quit dancing. I am never going back to dancing. It’s too lonely for me. I started drinking too much. I took my sister with me and I noticed that she was drinking too much. The whole dance scene wasn’t for me. So we both quit that and she got a real job.
X: Featuring is such a hard life.
B: I am not one that feels good sleeping all day and being up all night.
X: I guess the good part is the fan contact, but I know I could never live that life, with all the travel and hotels.
B: I loved the fan contact. That was what kept me in it for so long. But the drinking was just getting out of control. When you have to drink three or four shots to get on stage then you are obviously in the wrong line of work. At least that is the way I look at it. So I gracefully got out of dancing while I had some sort of reputation that wasn’t destroyed.
X: You did the right thing. So have you done a lot of interviews yet?
B: I did one other interview so far, (for a large national men’s mag) but they aren’t releasing it yet because I wanted you to get it out first. I told them that Cindi was my girl.
X: Oh, thank you Sweetie! That is so nice of you! You haven’t changed since day one. You have always just been Briana, honest and down to earth. You have never had that prima donna attitude.
B: Well you know my saying I suck choda pop for a living so I don’t really know what I would have an attitude about. I just need to be good at it.
X: Huh?
B: It means somebody who sucks weener for a living should not act like she’s Angelina Jolie. (laughs)
X: Oh, okay. (Laughs) Don’t mind me, I’m a little slow. Plus you’ve always had a live outside besides your work.
B: Well I do porno for a living. I enjoy it. But I have other interests and hobbies. It’s not my life. I really don’t have many friends left in this business. They have kind of faded.
X: So are you going to Vegas for the AVN convention?
B: Yes, I haven’t been in three years. I forget how crazy it was.
I wanted to tell you that I am in Fort Lauderdale all the time because my friend lives down there. Last time I was there we took her Harley and went down to the beach. We were two hot bitches with big boobs and blonde hair.
X: I bet you attracted some attention.
B: Yes we did. She was the first girl I was ever with. (sexually)
X: Then you have a special affection for her.
Yeah, but I could never be with her again because it would be too weird. She is like my sister. We talk everyday and she has never given up on me through all the drama of my life and career. She is trying to get me to move down. You and I have to hook up and have a drink or food and chat.
X: I would love too! Where do you see yourself down the road? You could be doing this another ten years if you wanted to.
B: I want to be on the other side of the camera by about 30, 31. I love being in front of the camera. But as long as I am enjoying what I am doing it’s good. I want to step away gracefully if I start feeling older then the other girls. It’s weird being 28 and standing next to an 18 year old. I don’t care how much I work my ass off at the gym, I am never going to look 18 again. But I have a different image now. It’s more of a sexy woman, not a little girl look.
X: Exactly, there is nothing wrong with being a woman instead of a girl. So tell me about the greatest sex you have had lately.
B: The greatest sex I’ve had lately has definitely not been in my personal life! (Laughs) I think that is one of the high lights of going back to porn is that you work with guys that are solid. I think my best scene in the new movie is with Sasha. We had a very strong connection. And that was my first time in a while of having sex with someone who really knows how to have sex. I had a great time. It was a very hot sex scene.
X: What else are you doing?
B: I am going to write an autobiography. I am going to be brutally honest about all the drugs and … If one girl learns a lesson from this, then it was worth my time.
X: You have a lot to tell. You have a lot of scary stories.
B: I talked to a writer and gave her a little skim of the stories and she was blown away. All the stories of my childhood and my mother, and of Bobby, and raising my sister. I just want to put it all out there and if people want to judge me, I have been judged my entire career anyway, and it doesn’t bother me. I still want to do it. I think it will be very therapeutic for me.
X: It will be very freeing, because once you tell all your secrets, you don’t have any secrets left to keep.
B: And then people will stop talking because it is all in writing. People can read the book and then they don’t have to gossip about me. I have been writing down notes about it. I can’t wait to sit down and actually record and get deep down into those demons.


X: You have grown up so much.
B: I have learned a lot from my mistakes and I am going to grow from them. I feel like I have grown up. I am ready to live life sober and enjoy every moment of it.
X: You have a really positive attitude.
B: I am excited about life again and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.
X: When you go out now, do people still recognize you?
B:They do. And it’s very flattering because everywhere I go they recognize me. I dress like the little tomboy next door and I still get recognized, so it’s really cool.
X: You are tall and gorgeous, I think if people see you in public, even if they don’t know who you are, they know that you have to be a model or something.
B: I am really lucky that I have such amazing fans that have stuck by me.
X: You are. Most people in the world don’t have “fans”, ya know? The grocery store cashier, the lady who does your hair, they don’t have fans.
B: I know. When I am feeling my grossest, or coming home from the gym and I stop at the grocery store and someone comes up to me and says “Are you Briana Banks?” It’s a pretty invigorating feeling. It makes me feel good. I think, wow, I still got it!
X: I would think it would be a double-edged sword to be recognized. Some good things and some bad things.
B: I don’t go out with little hoochie clothes unless it’s for the occasion. In public I wear jeans and t-shirts. I dress like a little boy, I just happen to have huge boobs.
X: I don’t think it would matter if you were wearing a muumuu because you are just so pretty and striking that no matter where you go or what you wear people are going to be looking at you.
B: Thank you.
X: Hey, you got good genetics.
B: I am very blessed that I look like my Mom, but I am not as short as she is, 5’3, and not as tall as my dad who is 6’7. I got a good mix in me.
X: You do. Where is your favorite place in the whole world?
B: My favorite place is home. Believe it or not. I love laying in my bed with my kitty and watching TV. There is nothing better. People so underestimate and under appreciate the little things in life. For my birthday, my 29th birthday, I am going someplace tropical. I think that will be a lot of fun.
X: I definitely think you should plan something extra special that you will remember forever. When is your birthday?
B: May 21st. Yep, because when I hit 30 I am staying in bed and be getting botox
(Both crack up) B: At 30 I am not hitting the beach I am hitting the doctor’s office. So this year has got to be something spectacular.
X: You know you can take a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale and hit like five tropical islands.
B: Something like that would be a lot of fun, for me and my sister and my close friends.
X: Sounds fun. What else have you been doing for fun?
B: I’ve been boxing. I need to find a hobby. Nothing major. I am not a club girl. Too many people recognize me.
X: I think the featuring kills the club scene for you. I’d rather have my friends come to me house a have a few drinks and sit by the pool and talk. Plus if you come over here, I’ll take you kayaking.
B: I’ve been kayaking with my aunt and it is so much fun.
X: Well I love that we can just put the kayaks in the water right off the dock in my backyard, and occasionally you see an alligator or a manatee.
B: Do you freak out?
X: I’ve been pretty cool about it so far. But I haven’t seen one when I was in the water yet either! (Laughs)I heard you did a bit of time on the road with Kid Rock.
B: Yeah, I did hang out with him a little. He’s a nice guy. But that rock life on the road wasn’t for me.
X: Do you like being single?
B: I’m doing fine being single, and happy, and free. I’ve been with men for so long that I need a break. I started a project called Babes On Walls, which is life-size adult star stickers that you can purchase.
X: That’s a cool idea! You could put your favorite star on your door or ceiling and stare at them before you go to sleep every night! What is your message for your fans?
B: Thank you to all my fans and to Vivid for sticking by me. I tend to get a little crazy sometimes. Basically thank you to everyone. I am just so happy to be back and so glad that everyone welcomed me with open arms. It’s been a GREAT two weeks for me. And watch for Briana Extreme because it is going to be a really good movie because I haven’t had porno sex for about two years! I am so glad to be back.
X: I am so glad to have you back and if you ever take off again without telling me I will hunt you down, because I love you. I don’t care if you are in or out of porn, I want to know what you are up to and that you are okay.
B: I promise I will never disappear on you again. I love you too. I will see you soon!

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